Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day one on the road

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Greetings from the beautiful and wondrous Athens, Ohio.
An hour on the subway, two flights, one lay over and a two hour car ride later and we hit the stage. Nothing to crazy to report today besides eating a protein bar, a triple cheese burger, and a 12 ounce new York strip steak today.... I'm still kinda hungry but saving the churros for breakfast.
Tomorrows show should be good. Performing with the students from Ohio University who are doing a piece that Sean set on them.... Not looking forward to the 630am travel call the following morning but at least we can try and get in a nights sleep in a bed before sitting on planes for all eternity. Although still pretty excited to go to the future....
The real highlight of the day was the woman at Airport security telling one of my co dancers, David, to remove everything from his back pockets and when he assured her that his pockets were indeed empty. she said ... "oh" and checked out his butt....
Also I was the only one who packed for a one month tour in only a carry on roller board and a backpack..... Weird.......
Till next time
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Location:Athens!!...... Ohio


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