Friday, March 30, 2012

Testing one Two, one two, just two just two

Soundtrack : Beirut "Rhineland (Heartland)"

The Daily Shane has really become the biannual Shane but I figured I would resurrect it to keep a record of the upcoming tour for friends and family and super shane jr' in the future.

Currently we are driving to a boarding school in Connecticut for a master class and a show but will be back in the city tonight.
After a weekend of packing and taping money and documents to my leg hair and attempting to construct a cyanide capsule fake tooth in the event of capture it's off to the magical land of

Wait for it--


Wait that's not it . We have master classes and shows at Ohio University. Then on Thursday we fly to
Wait for it--


Bamn. That's the one. Long layover then on to Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and then Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic).....

It should be an adventure.... I'm bringing along Ian Flemming's to Russia With Love and will be talking into the bottom of my shoe often.

Until the next time
Das-ve-danya, comrades

Update this boarding school is Hogwarts.... Plus the food is free and it's taco day.

Location:In a van somewhere in Connecticut


" "The difference between a madman and a professional is that a pro does as well as he can within what he has set out to do and a madman does exceptionally well at what he can't help doing.” ― Charles Bukowski