Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why Exercise Makes You Less Anxious

Published: November 18, 2009
Thanks to improved research techniques and a growing understanding of the biochemistry and the genetics of thought itself, scientists are beginning to tease out how exercise remodels the brain, making it more stress-resistant.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Film remakes....

With Hollywood rehashing old ideas left and right to try and secure somewhat of a predictable profit margin.... here's a comparison of two films and their contemporary counter parts....

For those of you that haven't seen Harvey Keitel in the original Bad Lieutenant. You should.
FOr those of you that have you might under stand why Werner Herzog directing Nick Cage in a sort of remake of the same premise makes me nervous and a little confused but so far the reviews have been good.




Although the very last line in the Nick Cage Trailer is pretty bad ass.


As for the zombie-esque apocalypse to go with the end of days movies that parallel our diseaster obsessed culture.
Here's one where the remake might not suck but probably will but the trailer is pretty awesome.

So check out both versions of the Crazies and think about the coverage of H1N1 and swine flu.

George A. Romero's Original 1973 Version


Monday, November 16, 2009

The evolution of the God Gene

From The New York Times:

The Evolution of the God Gene

New research is pointing to a new perspective on religion, one that seeks to explain why religious behavior has occurred in societies at every stage of development.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Them Crooked Vultures

THE Dave Grohl on drums (where he belongs), Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age vocals/guitar, and the former Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones are releasing their album tuesday. 11/17...

Them crooked vultures..... so maybe rock isn't dead.

Here are some excerpts from the Times

Them Crooked Vultures’ music — long, twisting songs with multiple sections and tempos, shot through with a scuzzy menace and dark humor — is more complex than the sounds of the Foo Fighters. Mr. Grohl called it “the most musical band I’ve ever been in"

Mr. Homme said that he considers Mr. Grohl a great frontman, but that “when he plays the drums, he always leaves my jaw dropped — that’s really where the world needs him.”

You can listen to the whole album through youtube at the moment via

Rock on and stop listening to coldplay.

Fair play: Monkeys share our sense of injustice


"Concern about fairness is always asymmetrical (stronger in the poor than the rich), and the underlying emotions aren't half as lofty as the ideal itself. It is true to say that our sense of fairness seldom transcends self-interest, that it is seldom concerned with something larger than ourselves. Look at how it starts in life. Children react to the slightest discrepancy in the size of their slice of pizza compared to their sibling's. Their shouts of "That's not fair!" never transcend their own desires.

That this sense of unfairness may turn out to be quite ancient in evolutionary terms as well became clear when graduate student Sarah Brosnan and I discovered it in monkeys. While testing pairs of capuchin monkeys, we noticed how much they disliked seeing their partner get a better deal. "

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" "The difference between a madman and a professional is that a pro does as well as he can within what he has set out to do and a madman does exceptionally well at what he can't help doing.” ― Charles Bukowski