Thursday, April 19, 2012

I was so hungry I could've eaten a horse... Then I did

Well apparently it's the half way point of the tour.
Since I last updated we've had two shows.
Tonight will be the third at the pyramid.
It's a giant pyramid.
Pretty cool.
The audiences receptions have been nothing if not overwhelming.
Also I ate a horse steak.
It was pretty good but I'll gladly stick to beef.
Speaking of which check out the Belgian film "bullhead"
Very intense. Very good.
During our current call at the last place I got tulips.
That was a nice surprise.
I have a really nice stage burn on my hip and two splits under my big Fred flintstone toes. But they're healing having not performed for a few days, just master classes.
Last night the embassy threw a reception in our honor.
We've been playing lots of monopoly on my iPad. Apparently the company finds my business practices shystie.
I won the first game but lost the last two.
Reading and enjoying very much Derek Raymond's first book in his factory series "he died with his eyes open"
I've been having crazy dreams and my roommate tells me I grunt squeal and thrash..... But at least I'm not yelling.
Missing the hustle and bustle and sheen of new York city. And my lady and puppy son. But still insanely grateful and humble to bring modern dance to other cultures and get paid to do what I love.
We have our first day off on Sunday where we'll go sight seeing in Almaty.
I'll update then.
Cheers from the middle

Oh I almost forgot at restaurants and pubs they serve (instead of beer nuts) a plate of very salty string cheese that tastes like smoked mozzarella .........

It's amazing.

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