Saturday, July 11, 2009

This is just getting rediculous..

Michael Jackson lay in his golden casket at his memorial service without his brain. The Los Angeles coroner confirmed yesterday that the organ was retained to carry out tests.

Aren't they worried that zombie Michael will rise up dancing hungry for human flesh and brains?

Internet traffic linked to the memorial service was 67% above average, making it the second-largest online traffic peak, according to Akamai Technologies, whose networks process 20% of all traffic on the internet

- Use of news sites almost doubled (from 2 million visitors per minute, the average, to nearly 4 million) while use of online video streaming was up by 471%, Akamai said

- 9.7 million watched the event online at, but total online figures are not yet available

- On Twitter, 80,000 messages per hour included the phrase Michael Jackson, while over a million Facebook users fired off 6,000 updates per minute directly linked to CNN’s live feed of the event

- Michael Jackson has 7,453,072 fans on Facebook, and counting (Barack Obama has 6,441,466).

- The virtual Michael Jackson glove has become the most popular gift in the site’s history, as more than 800,000 gloves have been exchanged by Facebook friends

- 6.5 million watched the memorial event on TV in the UK and 31 million in the US. Estimates say at least 1 billion watched worldwide but it is not yet clear whether the figures will beat the 2.5 billion who watched Diana, Princess of Wales’s memorial service

Sources: Akamai Technologies, Facebook, Times database

Just shows to go you that people's priorities are messed up.... It's a dead issue.


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