Friday, April 13, 2012

Email from audience member 2

Dear Shane,
My name is Helen and I would like to express my thanks to you for the
wonderful show you made in Ashghabad! I lack English words to express my
delight and I guess there exist no such great words in any language. So
marvelous it was. I attach a photo taken with the help of the camera of my
cell phone (that's why the quality may be far from being perfect)...You
might have had plenty of different photos with your fans, still I found it
possible to send you another one to remember our sunny Turkmenistan. Don't
you find this girl's dissatisfied face funny? I do, and I think that it is
radiant with joy when taken with her camera.
In spite of being dying after the concert and being practically torn to
pieces by people around you (may be that's why you don't face the camera)
you managed to answer my question about "Radiohead". When I heard the
voice of a singer during one of the dances I thought it to be "Home video"
(a band, similar to "Radiohead", but not so popular, though you may have
heard of them. Here is their official web-site if you are
interested). But they don't have such song, that's why I made a conclusion
that it was "Radiohead". You backed up my opinion. Thank you for that!
I again thank your whole team. May be, one day, somewhere in New-York or
elsewhere I'll watch your show again. I wish you to continue making people
happier by your dances. I equally wish you success in your creative work.

Yours sincerely,

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Location:Sunny Turkmenistan


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